What We Do

SME Support

We provide clients with subject matter experts in the following areas to determine program requirements, develop solutions, and provide support that helps achieve your objectives.

  • Exercises
  • Mid-term contract reviews
  • Policy Development
  • Technical and Non-Technical Survey
  • Site Evaluation
  • Risk Profiles
  • Contract Proposal Support
  • Assessments and Evaluation

Law Enforcement

Our consultants have decades of experience working with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies providing improvised explosive device and homemade explosive classroom and hands on training.

  • Online training
  • Military Munition Rule
  • HME
  • IED
  • EOD Integration


Villages, fields, roads, and trails throughout 108 countries contain millions of explosive hazards. Our consultants can give you the tools to identify, report, and safely react to these explosive hazards, and prevent delays in your important work.

  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Site Support
  • Risk Evaluation

Protective Services

EOD Consulting provides highly experienced SMEs who can prepare protective details in device identification, sweeps, and tactics.

  • Large Scale Event support (Device sweeps, security training)
  • Protective detail training

Corporate Consulting

EOD Consulting can provide a variety of services to corporations. Demining and clearance contracts are complex if you don’t have the expertise necessary to accurately complete contract proposals. Don’t overpay for a service, our experts can assist to ensure you get that contract. 

If your corporation must conduct business in conflict and post-conflict regions throughout the world we also provide training, site risk evaluation, and a number of other services so your work remains safe and uninterrupted.

  • Contract review for any clearance or demining activities
  • Resource exploration site survey
  • Contract proposal support
  • Employee training
  • On-site support
  • Private security training
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